It doesn't help to hang reminders on the fridge

Well for the past month we have had a reminder hanging on our fridge. It has been there to remind us not to forget about school pictures. Well when our little Peyton got home from first grade today she informed me that it was picture day. Thats right, that reminder that has been staring us in the face every time we go to open the fridge was not so helpful to a blind mom. It also brings up the question if my husband is suffering from some sort of blindness as well. I could just beat him! Just kidding. This has been a bit of a crazy week at the Rasmussen household, so I guess I will chalk this up to us just being completely overwhelmed with getting a house and all the excitement. So I guess from now on all the notes on the fridge will need to be in braille. I also think that I will be calling and making Brandon an appointment with the eye doctor.