Life is just so good

Okay this has been a completely amazing week! I have so much going on in my life right now it is just crazy. I can't believe how incredibly blessed we are. We started looking for a house a few weeks ago. We were not in a big hurry and were just trying to decide what area of town we liked, and what type of home we were looking for. We were even tossing around the idea of finding property and building. We mentioned to a friend that recently moved from our Ward that we were looking and to keep us in mind if they had anything show up in their neighborhood. We really liked the area but were thinking that most of the prices we were seeing were on the high side for us.

A few days latter he called Brandon and said that one of the families in his Ward was moving and that it was perfect for us. What first sparked our attention was that it was only one house away from an amazing park. Is that not just a sign that this needs to be taken seriously. So we set up a time to go see it. It was amazing! The location, the floor plan, the yard, and the neighborhood were perfect. When Brandon and I walked in for the first time we both knew this was where we needed to be. You can call it a spiritual conformation, that is about the best words I can come up with to describe the way we both felt. When we got back in the car I told Brandon it felt like home. We didn't sleep all that night. Both of us just tossed and turned. I had never seen Brandon like that before. He was not going to rest until he could make sure it was ours. He ran around like a mad man all the next day getting the financing and everything all figured out.

We went back that night and went through the house one last time. We were so in love with the house, and the family was just so nice. The funny thing is they have a daughter named Peyton who had the most perfect pink room. We just felt that this was just to good to be true. We told them we were very interested and we would get back to them soon. The next day Brandon finalized the financing and was given the green light to make an offer. I think they were as excited as we were. It was just meant to be. The house was not even on the market a week, and we felt that it was just the miracle we were looking for.

It is now looking like we will be able to move in around Oct 20th. What an amazing, unbelievable week. Words can't describe the way we feel right now. We know we are moving to a great neighborhood  and an amazing home to raise our family. Everything we had on our wish list this home has. I think it is a complete miracle that it became available at the exact moment that we knew we wanted to buy a home. Life is just so good!