Baby Carter had a little fever today


Brandon's Mom and Dad came to see us and brought Kaison. I was so glad to see Kai. I am with him all day long and being away from him the past two days has been hard. I really miss him. It also gave Kai a chance to be close to Carter and not have Peyton hogging him. She was so excited yesterday and didn't want to share him. She held him almost the while time she was at the hospital yesterday. While they were visiting we discovered Carter had a little fever today. They had to take him out of our room and put a little iv in his hand to do some blood work and find out what is going on. I had a little melt down and had a good cry. I am a little emotional right now. I just want to protect him and never have to see him sick or hurt. I am so excited to be able to take him home to our new house and have him in his own room. The thought of having to have him stay in the hospital longer was just so hard. I am just praying everything is okay. After they took some blood his temp came down and they brought he back to me. It was so hard to have him in the nursery even for the hour it took. I just love him so much. It is amazing how empty you feel when they are not with you.

While we were writing this post the nurse came in and told us all of his initial blood work looked normal. So I feel much better! Now grandma and grandpa just came back with Kai and Peyton so I will close for now and spend some time with my other little Angels.