I had to take a little vacation from the Blog


I have to apologize to all my blog followers. It has been a very long time since the last post. It has almost been four months! In my defense I have a have had a really good excuse. Baby number three has really made finding free time a challenge. It has defiantly been hard to adjust to this new little bundel of joy. I think having a third child was so much harder than having two. Carter is such a sweet little guy but he just loves to be held. He will sleep the day away as long as he is in my arms, but that makes it hard to accomplish anything. I just love to hold him, but I also like to have a clean house and to get things organized. I have just had to tell myself that Carter will only be at this stage once and I just need to enjoy every second of it. Even if that means I need to let a few things in life slide. Unfortunately one of those things has been my blog. I have been taking a lot of heat lately from family, friends, and even some strangers in Walmart that have been asking me when I will be returning to the blog. Well wait no longer I am back and promise that I will be posting regularly once again, and have a whole lot of new easy recipes to share. I want to thank you all that follow the blog and show me support. You are the best!