Our Story Part 3

True Badger

It has almost been 2 months sense the last time I updated my blog? Has it really been that long? I am really slacking! Well at least I can blame some of it on Brandon. He has been really busy and has not been able to help me get it updated. Brandon and three other partners started a Company and it has been taking up a lot of his spare time. We are really excited about this opportunity and hope we can tell you more about the project they are working on when he gets a little closer to their launch date. Last time I was telling about my experience with Lupus, kidney failure, and Chemo Therapy. I started Chemo on July 3rd 1996 at the University of Utah. It was funny to me because the nurse that started my IV and hooked me up to Chemo could not even handle the bag of Chemo without these big gloves on to protect them. I was thinking you won't even touch the bag and you want me to feel good about you pumping me full of this stuff. I was really scared but I felt like I had to be strong for me and my family. On the 4th of July Fairview has an Annual bike ride. I was feeling so good that I wanted to go do it, but my mom didn't think it was a good idea.

This is kind of how Chemo went for me. I really didn’t ever feel sick. After every treatment I would wait thinking I would be deathly ill at any moment, but it never happened. I was prepared to lose all my hair. I had already lost a lot of hair with my Lupus. Then all my hair started to come back. It was amazing. I felt great, and my body started to respond to the treatment. I had treatments for a year and a half. My kidney function improved, and all of the other Lupus symptoms started to go away. It was a miracle. I felt better than I had felt in a very long time and I kept all my hair.

I got better and was able to enjoy college. I went to Snow College and loved it. I had so much fun with friends and was able to move beyond all the health problems that had been dominating my life for the past few years. I was also helping to Coach Drill team for my High School, and really excelling in my classes. I graduated from Snow in 1998. The funny thing is that for some strange reason I stayed at snow for a third year, even though most of my friends were moving on. I just felt like I needed to stay. It was not until the first day of classes of spring semester that I would find out why.... (hint is in the picture above)

I think that is a sufficient teaser for my next blog entry. I promise will not be in another 2 months. I will try to get a few in each week from now on.

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