Who Owns Peyton Park

We have been getting a lot of questions about who owns the park and how could they do this. The easiest way to explain is to share with you an email from the Cedar City Attorney. It tells the history of who owns the land but also leaves us with a few questions.
Dear Ms. Rasmussen:
The Mayor sent me a copy of your email and asked me to research the issue and respond.  In your email you requested a copy of a contract between the City and Three Wishes.  Myself and the City Recorder looked for a copy of such a contract without success.  The City does have a contract with the production company to allow access to the fire station and the fire training center.  There is mention in the City Council minutes of an agreement to allow access to the area where the park was constructed, but this agreement is not on file.  The short answer to your inquiry is the City does not own the park.  Below is a report of the research conducted related to the park.
The park is constructed on lot #6 and lot #7 of the Sunset Ridge Subdivision, Phase II.  At some point these lots were deeded to the City.  This deed was prior to the construction of the park.  The City was not aware that it owned these lots until Three Wishes approached the City and discussed building the park.   When the City discovered it owned the lots it did allow the construction of the park, but it was not the City’s intent to own the park or to have the responsibility to maintain the park.  The City intended to give the lots and the park back to the developer and/or the homeowners association.  This  intent is reflected in the August 17, 2005, City Council minutes where the Council discussed deeding the park back to the developer.  Finally, on October 18, 2005, Mayor Sherratt signed a quit claim deed transferring title to lot #6 and lot #7 to the Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association.  This quit claim deed was recorded with the Iron County Recorder and effectively transferred ownership of the park and improvements to the home owners association.
I am sorry that the park has been removed, but as the owner the responsibility for the park belongs to the home owners association.
Cedar City Attorney
So the Park belongs to the Sunset Ridge Home Owners Association. To my knowledge there is no homeowners association because all residents of Sunset Ridge are Renting. If there is a HOA I want in and I am sure that the rest of the Sunset Ridge Residents would want in as well. I hope that answers some questions that some have had.
When Three Wises dedicated the Park to our Family they told us that the original plan was to have the Mayor be there and give Nicole the deed to the Park. They then realized that that would cause her to have to pay the property tax and be in charge of maintenance and up keep. They decided not to put that burden in Nicole's hands and made an agreement with the Owners of Sunset Ridge and the City to turn the land over to Sunset to keep and maintain.