Elf on the Shelf: Day 3, 2012


I am sure that it is no surprise that tentions between my husband and our Christmas Elf Kevin are a little high right now. I think Kevin was trying to get back on Brandon's good side with this little Star Wars prank. My husband and my son Kai love Star Wars, so I think this will help ease the mood after the close shave we had yesterday.

Kai was the first one to find Kevin today. He was so excited. Kai is our Star Wars kid. Like father like son I guess. As soon as he found him he started to laugh and came running to get Brandon. When Brandon surveyed the our Elf's reenactment of the battle of Hoth he said, "I always thought Kevin was on the Dark Side". I think I have to agree with him. Our Elf defiantly has a naughty side for sure. I just never know what will happen next!