Elf on the Shelf: Day 2, 2012

I just cant stop laughing about what our Christmas Elf Kevin did today. Not just because the trick he played was funny, but because of the completely hilarious situation it put my husband Brandon in. I will never be able to say my hubby is not willing to take one for the team, because he proved his worth at 4 am this morning.

This is what Brandon woke up to find in the mirror today. Kevin our little Christmas Elf had decided that his Christmas beard had to go. We had a little emergency at 4 am and I had to send Brandon to Walmart to get Infant Formula for the baby. He jumped right out of bed and took off to Walmart not thinking one second about the Elf or the prank he had pulled. When he got out of the Van to go into Walmart he realized he had a problem.

He could run back home and shave off the rest of his beard and totally ruin our Elves little prank, or just face the fear of being the next victim of the People of Walmart web site. So he decided to not ruin this little Christmas prank and be brave and just walk right in like he owned the place. He went to the baby food section and ran into a worker stocking shelves first. He said her eyes almost poped out of her head. Then he went down the baking isle to pick up something else I needed. There he meet four workers stocking shelves. They all looked on in amazement. Then he was so happy to see a self check was open. He thought this would keep him from having any more gazes. His luck just plain ran out. The Baby Formula would not weigh right and a worker had to come help him. She tried really hard not to bust out laughing. She was having trouble getting the checkout to work and called over another worker who gasped and tried to hold in her giggles. He finally got checked out and came home. Then he told me his tail and we both just died laughing. I am so proud of him. He would rather be completely humiliated and laughed at than spoil our little Elf and his tricks for your children. I have a keeper!

Our kids woke up to giggles at a half shaved Dad and all the pictures in the house all having half a mustache on them.

The kids loved it, and begged Brandon to go to work like that.

I think that this is one of the funniest experiences we have had with our little Elf. Every time the kids would look at their Dad they would just break into full giggle attacks. I love Brandon for being a good sport, and I love our Elf Kevin for keeping things fun around our house during Christmas.