Elf on the Shelf: Day 1, 2012

He's Back! Kevin our little Christmas Elf is back and up to his normal shenanigans. Kevin has been visiting our house at Christmas time the past three years. It is hard to believe that this will be the forth year that Kevin has been pulling pranks and spying on our kids for Santa. The kids have been wondering when he might show up. They have been so Naughty the past few days my husband and I have been hoping it would be sooner than later. I think they need a little incentive to be good right now.

Kaison and baby Carter woke up first today and came in and got in bed with us to watch cartoons. While Kai was in bed he noticed  something strange about the pictures just out side of our bedroom.



There was mustaches painted on the pictures of Bandon and I. We asked Kai if it was him and he said that it must have been Peyton. In this picture you can see a little Elf on the Shelf Doll that Kai wanted us to buy. We got a stuffed toy one for the kids to play with. We thought that would help curb the temptation of them wanting to touch our real little Elf. Who knows we may have just introduced another partner in crime for our crazy Elf.


Kaison got a big laugh seeing his mom and dad with funny facial hair. I dont think he realized that he was about to see that the joke was on him as well.



Peyton finally got out of bed and went to get in the tub. That was when we realized that Kevin was back. About that time Kai realized that it must have been Kevin that was responsable for the mustaches on mom and dads pictures.



The Kids found a mustache on every picture in the house. The more they looked for Kevin the more they found.




Every time they found a new moustache they would bust up into  laughter, but they could not find that crazy little Elf.



Kevin taged every picture and mirror he could find in the house.



After about 20 min of searching Peyton finally found our little Christmas trouble maker. When they found him they were surprised to find that he had another surprise waiting...



He had a mustache as well. I sure hope Kevin can keep the kids in line and make sure they are off the Naughty list by Christmas. Let the fun begin!