The Elf on the Shelf: Day 3

Our Elf on the Shelf decided to live up to his name and found a hiding place on the plant shelf. It took the kids all morning to find him. Peyton actually found him right as she was on her way to leave for school. Can you see where he is hiding?

I think Peyton was glad to find Kevin came back after last night. She got sent to bed early for not minding and yelling at her mom and dad. She woke up and went right to work trying to get off the naughty list. She let the dog out to do his business, fed the dog, and cleaned up the front room. She got ready really quick and got all her books in her bag and ready to go. The whole time Brandon noticed she was searching for Santa's little spy. When she found him we could tell se was a little relived that he came back after her meltdown last night.