The Elf on the Shelf: Day 28 Christmas Eve

This is the last night that our Elf Kevin will be staying with us this year. We have had so much fun with him that it will be hard to see him go. We wanted to share with everyone that has been following our Elf what he will be doing on Christmas Eve. We will post pictures and everything tomorrow night after the kids go to bed, but we wanted to share with you a series of letters that our Christmas Elf Kevin left for the kids to open on Christmas Eve. The kids will be opening these notes all throughout the day. The last note will be opened right before bed time. This should be a lot of fun.

Note #1 ~~~~~

Dear Peyton and Kaison,

Christmas is almost here. As you can see I took the baby Jesus from his manger. If you do everything I tell you to do you will find him just in time to put him back and open the presents under the tree tonight. I have a really fun new tradition that I want to start with your family. This tradition will help you to remember why we celebrate Christmas.

You have both been really good while I have been staying with you, but the last two days you have struggled. You both have not been listening to your mom and dad. I don’t want to see your name show up on the naughty list so I have a plan. I have some things that you can both do to show Santa that you are deserving of all the fun toys that he is planning to bring to you tonight.

First you need to go get ready for a fun Christmas Eve. Get in the Tub, and make sure you use soap. Get all clean and smelling like kids on Santa’s good list should. Then I need you to get dressed without complaining. For Peyton you need to let your mom do your hair and make it really cute for Santa to come. NO WHINING!

When this is done you can open note #2

Note #2 ~~~~~~

OK so you are now both ready for the day. So now we need to make sure your rooms are ready for Santa’s inspection. He likes to peek in on all the little girls and boys rooms to see if they are keeping them clean. Make your bed, and pick up anything left out.

When you both have your rooms spotless then you can open note #3

Note #3 ~~~~~

You are clean and so is your room. Now we need to work on making sure all of your toys are picked up and put away. I took a look down stairs and it is looking a bit messy. If you get all your toys picked up and put away where they go in the toy closet it will show Santa that you take care of the toys that he brings. He will be more likely to leave you really fun toys if he knows that you will take good care of them.

When you are done you can open note #4

Note #4 ~~~~~

I think you both have earned a break! Lets play a game. Lets play a game with your mom and dad. I really like Candy Land. Play that one first. Then maybe some Chutes and Ladders. You have both earned a chance to have some fun. Now make sure that you clean up your games after you are done.

When you are done having fun you can open note # 5

Note #5 ~~~~~

That was a lot of fun. Now your mom and dad need some time to get that yummy dinner fixed for tonight. Lets watch a Christmas Movie. Have your dad help you find a good movie to help you pass the time. Christmas Eve will go by fast if we keep busy and have fun. Ask mom to pop some pop corn of give you some other fun treat.

When the movie is over you can open note # 6

Note #6 ~~~~~

Now it is time for Christmas Eve dinner. Lets show Santa how big you both are and eat this yummy dinner your mom made for you. Make sure you tell your mom thank you for making such good food. After dinner we will have some move fun.

When dinner is over open note # 7

Note #7 ~~~~~

It is time to find the Baby Jesus, and start a new tradition. He will be where your new little brother will sleep. He will also have a very special book that we will want to read. After you find baby Jesus and the book get all of the family to sit by the Christmas tree. When you all get settled, your dad will read to you the Christmas Story in Luke 2. This is why we celebrate Christmas. If you want to watch the video of the Christmas story I think that would be fun too.

When the story is done and the Baby Jesus is placed in the manger you can open the last note #8

Note #8 ~~~~~

It is now time to open your Christmas presents from under the tree. Take turns picking a present and opening it. Have fun and enjoy the fun things under the tree. After you are done help mom and dad clean up all the paper and junk.

When every thing is all cleaned up you can open note #9

Note #9 ~~~~~

You have both been really good today. I will tell Santa to leave you all the fun things you have been asking for. I have LOVED spending Christmas with you. Tonight I will be going back to the North Pole. I will be back next year to watch you two and your new brother Carter. It will be his first Christmas so it will be a lot of fun for all of you. I will miss you all so much! I asked Santa for one thing for Christmas. I asked him if you could both give me a hug tonight before you go to bed. I know that it will make my magic go away, but Santa told me that he will give me a ride back to the North Pole on his Sleigh. So this is your chance to finally hold me, give me a hug and maybe even a kiss. I love you Peyton and Kaison. Now it is time to go to bed so Santa can come. I will see you next year!



The Elf on the Shelf: Day 27


[gallery] We stayed in Salina last night at Brandon's Parents. We had a long trip from Salt Lake with the kids fighting and not minding us the whole way. We keept telling the kids that they should shape up with Kevin in the Van but nothing worked. Then we got to Grandma's and we could not get them to go to sleep. It took hours for them to calm down.

The kids woke up to find that they had been Tolet Papered in the night. I think the Elf was sending a message that they were not no good yesterday. He was trying to clean up how crapy they went to bed, and what a crappy job they did and minding mom and dad yesterday. Even our Elf knows how to send a good subliminal message. He even wrote a message for them on the Tolet Paper. "Only 2 more days so be good". Only 2 more days until our ELf will be going back to the North Pole. I dont know what we will do without him.

The Elf on the Shelf: Day 26 Our Family Trip


Well we have had our Elf Kevin with us for the past few days on our Family trip. He wanted to go on a Road Trip with our family to Salt Lake. He went with us to my OB appointment, Temple Square, and the Jazz game. The kids have loved having him with us. We have taken pictures of the whole adventure. It was our kids first time seeing the lights at Temple Square and the first time going to a Jazz Game. I guess I should say that it is Kevin our Christmas Elf's first time as well. It has been so much fun for the kids. We had a great time. As you can see from the pictures Kevin was right there with us in his jar. I am sure he is the only Elf on a Shelf to go to an NBA game. What a lucky little Elf. I am sure he will be telling all the rest of Santa's Elves all about the adventures we have had the past two days. [gallery]

Just in case you missed the game we thought we would share with you the best highlight of the night. WOW!