Elf on the Shelf: Day 2, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Day 2
Elf on the Shelf Day 2

The kids woke up to find our new girl Elf Snowflake and Kevin hanging from the chandeliers with glittery snowflakes all around them. Looks like the kids picked a fitting name for our new Elf arrival. It is so fun to see the kids excitement in the morning as they search the house to try and find out what the Elves have been doing when they were sleeping.

Elf on the Shelf Day 2
Elf on the Shelf Day 2

There is never a dull moment around here at Christmas time. I am sure we are all in for double helping of crazy elf fun.

Elf on the Shelf: Day 1, 2013

Well our mischievous Christmas Elf Kevin is back to help Santa spy on the kids. He decorated our Christmas tree while we were asleep. He must have decided he needed reinforcements this year. He didn't come alone! He brought a friend with him. He brought a girl Elf as well. My husband thinks that this can only mean double trouble. The kids were so excited to have Kevin back for the Holidays. Our little girl Peyton told me that it finally feels like Christmas. The kids have given our new Elf the name Snowflake. I cant remember that last time that the kids have been so excited. I am sure our house will be a lot more interesting now that the Elf is back. Brandon hid all the razors in the house just in case. I don't think he wants another Elf shave like he got last year. 

The Elf on the Shelf: Christmas Eve 2012

Elf Christmas Eve
Elf Christmas Eve
Elf Christmas Eve

The Kids found our Elf on the Shelf Kevin living it up in Peyton's Barbie Dream House. He had decorated it in lights and was in the hot tub with Barbie and 2 Mermaids. He also had a letter, and 8 envelopes. Let the Christmas Eve fun begin.

A Dream house fit for an Elf.

Elf Christmas Eve
Elf Christmas Eve

The Kids were so happy to find that Kevin had left notes on Christmas Eve.

Elf Christmas Eve
Elf Christmas Eve

Kevin in the Hot tub with Barbie and the Mermaids.

Elf Christmas Eve
Elf Christmas Eve

The Kids found our Elf on the Shelf Kevin living it up in Peyton's Barbie Dream House. He had decorated it in lights and was in the hot tub with Barbie and 2 Mermaids. He also had a letter, and 8 envelopes. Let the Christmas Eve fun begin.

Note #1 ~~~~~~

Dear Peyton, Kaison, and Carter

Well as you can see I trying to live it up my last day before I head back to the North Pole. I am not sure why I have not been chilling in this Barbie Dream house I helped Peyton score last Christmas. This place has everything an Elf could ever need! Hot tube, big screen, fireplace, and cute girls everywhere. Christmas is almost here. As was tradition last year I took the baby Jesus from his manger. This is my little way of helping you remember why we really celebrate Christmas. It is all about Jesus. It is not about your cool Elf and a fat man in a red suit squeezing down the chimney. If you do everything I tell you to do you will find the baby Jesus just in time to put him back in the manger and open the presents under the tree tonight.

You have all been good most of the time while I have been staying with you, but the last two days you have struggled. Peyton and Kaison have not been listening to your mom and dad. That crazy tantrum Peyton had last night was almost enough for me to tell Santa you were on the naughty list. I don’t want to see your name show up on the naughty list so I have a plan. I have some things that you can both do to show Santa that you are deserving of all the fun toys that he is planning to bring to you tonight. If it all works out you all will be very happy.

First you need to go get ready for a fun Christmas Eve. Get in the Tub, and make sure you use soap. Get all clean and smelling like kids on Santa’s good list should. Brush your teeth! you all struggle remembering to do that. Then I need you to get dressed without complaining. For Peyton you need to let your mom do your hair and make it really cute for Santa to come. NO WHINING!

When this is done you can open note #2

Note #2 ~~~~~~

OK so you are now both ready for the day. So now we need to make sure your rooms are ready for Santa’s inspection. He likes to peek in on all the little girls and boys rooms to see if they are keeping them clean. Make your bed, and pick up anything left out. Dust if you need to.

When you both have your rooms spotless then you can open note #3

Note #3 ~~~~~

You are clean and so is your room. Now we need to work on making sure all of your toys are picked up and put away. I know mom has been working hard to get the house ready for Santa to come. Help her get everything ready. If you get all your toys picked up and put away where they go in the toy closet it will show Santa that you take care of the toys that he brings. He will be more likely to leave you really fun toys if he knows that you will take good care of them. Now ask your mom how you can help her. When you are finished helping her get the house straitened you are ready for some fun.

When you are done you can open note #4

Note #4 ~~~~~

I think you both have earned a break! Lets play a game. I really like Candy Land. Play that one first. Then maybe some Chutes and Ladders. I like UNO a lot. I know you both learned to play that at your Grandmas house. You have both earned a chance to have some fun. Now make sure that you clean up your games after you are done. I wonder if Santa will bring any fun games for you tomorrow? I think I remember you talking about a game you really wanted...

When you are done having fun you can open note # 5

Note #5 ~~~~~

That was a lot of fun. Now your mom and dad need some time to get that yummy dinner fixed for tonight. Lets watch a Christmas Movie. Have your dad help you find a good movie to help you pass the time. Christmas Eve will go by fast if we keep busy and have fun. Ask mom to pop some pop corn of give you some other fun treat.

When the movie is over you can open note # 6

Note #6 ~~~~~

Now it is time for Christmas Eve dinner. Lets show Santa how big you both are and eat this yummy dinner your mom made for you. Make sure you tell your mom thank you for making such good food. After dinner we will have some move fun.

When dinner is over open note # 7

Note #7 ~~~~~

It is time to find the Baby Jesus. Look down stairs in the middle drawer of the black shelf. After you find baby Jesus get all of the family to sit by the Christmas tree. Peyton go get your scriptures you received when you were baptized so your dad can read you the Christmas story in Luke 2. This is why we celebrate Christmas. If you want to watch the video of the Christmas story I think that would be fun too.

When the story is done and the Baby Jesus is placed in the manger you can open #8

Note #8 ~~~~~

It is now time to open your Christmas presents from under the tree. Take turns picking a present and opening it. Have fun and enjoy the fun things under the tree. After you are done help mom and dad clean up all the paper and junk.

When every thing is all cleaned up you can open note #9

Note #9 ~~~~~

You have all been really good today. I will tell Santa to leave you all the fun things you have been asking for. I have LOVED spending Christmas with you. Tonight I will be going back to the North Pole. I will be back next year to watch you and keep you on the good list. I will miss you all so much! I asked Santa for one thing for Christmas. I asked him if you could both give me a hug tonight before you go to bed. I really enjoyed that part of Christmas last year. I know that it will make my magic go away again, but Santa told me that he will give me a ride back to the North Pole on his Sleigh. So this is your chance to finally hold me, give me a hug and maybe even a kiss. I love you Peyton, Kaison, Carter. Now it is time to go to bed so Santa can come. I will see you next year!



P.S. Peyton asked for me to stay all year, and said that was all she wanted for Christmas. Because your card made Santa so happy and jolly he has given me permission to check in on you guys through out the year. I will be watching! You never know when i might pop in and have a vacation in Peyton's Barbie Dream house, or come play candy land with Kaison's Toy Story Gang. So always be on your best behavior, and keep an eye out for me.