Baby Carter is finally here


Today has just been amazing. We welcomed our new baby boy Carter Keanu Rasmussen into our family. He was born at 1:39 pm and was 8 lbs and 20.5 inches long. He is just a perfect little boy. It was so nice to hold him for the first time. I cant explain the feelings I have being able to feel his little face and touch his little hands. I love him so much. It is like a missing part of my heart was just restored. I feel so blessed to be able to have such a beautiful healthy angel. It is always humbling to think that this little soul just came to me from my Heavenly Father. What an amazing day for our family. I could never put into words how blessed I feel. The only thing that could ever be better is to be able to see him. That is really hard for me to hold my new child for the first time and not be able to know what they look like. I know he is beautiful because their are some things you just dont see with your eyes.

I asked my husband to post lost of pictures for my family and friends. My heart is so full right now. This has been an amazing pregnancy from the fun way we were able to tell our family we were having a baby on The Doctors, to this wonderful day. All I can say is it has been amazing!

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The Elf on the Shelf: Day 8


Kaison spotted Kevin first thing today. Kevin is back!  I didn't think we would see him for a while. No explanation to why he cut his weekend getaway with the Tooth Fairy short. His note said he would be back Monday. There is a few theories being tossed around the Rasmussen house. Kaison thinks Santa must have found out and got mad that he left. Peyton thinks that he just missed us, or that he knew we were about to call Santa and tell him he had a runaway Elf. I think he came back because my eyes are broken and I need another set of eyes around the house to watch the kids. Kasper our dog thinks that he came back to play with him when the kids are not watching. Brandon thinks that Kevin and the Tooth Fairy lost all the Tooth Fairy money in a game of craps in Vegas and that they both decided it was time to get back to work. What ever the reason our little trouble maker is is back.

The fact that he hid in a heart shaped wreath makes me think he must have fallen madly in love with the Tooth Fairy. I am sure of one thing, as long as Kevin is here we will be well entertained. The Kids missed him and I think Mom and Dad missed him a little bit too.