Our Big Surprise on The Doctors

Well it has been a long 23 weeks to keep this secret. It has definitely not been easy with a seven year old and a three year old that are so excited. Back in August we were looking for a fun and unique way to tell our family our little secret. A producer for The Doctors found my blog and reached out to me as a blind mother. He told me that he was looking for a blind mother that was expecting a baby in the near future. What an amazing coincidence it was that I was a blind expecting mother looking for an amazing way to let her friends and family know that she was having a baby. Surprise! If you watched the show you already found out we are expecting a beautiful little boy on February 2nd. You can actually see the bib that they gave us in the picture that we have been posting on the blog for the last few months. The bib is in Brandon's hand along with the little model of our little baby boy!

It was so hard to wait and tell our family. The show seamed like it was never going to get here. The longer it took for us to get an air date the harder it was to keep the secret. We are so excited to finally be able to tell everyone. I am so blessed. It feels like everything is just so perfect right now. I could not be happier.


This is the model of our little boy that they made at 14 weeks. That is my little three year olds hand. So the baby was just so tiny at the time we filmed the Doctors. What an amazing experience it was to be able to feel how big he was and be able to hold it. I want to thank all the cast and crew of The Doctors. It was so fun to go to Los Angeles and be on the show and meet all of you. Thank you so much!

We thought you might like to see our kids reaction to being able to hold the little baby model. This is how they got to find out that the baby was a little boy.