16 years

Brandon and Nicole Sept 17, 1999 Manti Temple Hill

Brandon and Nicole Sept 17, 1999 Manti Temple Hill

Nicole and I celebrated our 16th Anniversary yesterday. We have been through so much together. Joy, pain, sickness, health, and enduring love. I can't express in words how much I love her. I loved her that day holding her hand on the Manti Temple grounds, but I had no idea that I could even love her more today. She is the strongest woman I have ever met and the eternal perspective of love that our experiences have given me have tears rolling down my cheeks. I you love so much and plan on showing you for the rest of my days on this earth and for the eternities to come. Happy anniversary sweat heart. Sixteen years and four kids later you are still the most amazing woman I have ever laid eyes on.

Love Brandon

Ask a Blind Mom 5/15/2012

I decided it would be fun to answer some of the questions that my blog followers have. I think some times people want to ask me questions about being a blind wife and  mother but are afraid to ask. Trust me I am not offended when people ask me about being blind. It is just part of who I am and what I deal with on a daily basis. So here we go!

Sarah Coombs Robinson asked:  "What is the biggest difference going from two to three kids?"

Trying to keep up on daily chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry has been a challenge. I think it has been trying to balance being a housewife and trying to give each child the individual attention that they all need. I also need to fit in time with my husband. I am not sure if it is having a third child or just the fact that a newborn just takes up a whole lot of time. Little Carter just likes to be held and I love holding him so that has made this a real challenge for me.

Martha Haddock asked:  "How on earth do you cook? I can barely do it and I can see!"

Before I lost my eye sight I loved to cook and try new recipes. It is something I have always enjoyed, now it is also a challenge. I am the type of person that loves a good challenge. It can be frustrating at times when I am missing one ingredient and just cant seem to find it, but I have found ways to adapt. If I know that I will be cooking something I will have my husband gather all the ingredients for me before he leaves for work. I will feel the containers and make sure I can tell the diference. I have also got really got at feeling a measuring cup or spoon and knowing exactly what it is.

The past year I have also started to use Facetime video to help me when I am in a pinch. I got a iPod touch a little over a year ago that I used, and just recently got an iPhone. Facetime is amazing for me. I can video call my husband or other family members and use the camera to have them help me find things. It is one of the best tools for me when I am alone in the kitchen.

One funny story for you. I made dinner one night and had it all ready for when Brandon came home from work. It was all ready and really smelt amazing. It was a new recipe that had chicken, potatoes, and onion soup mix. When we were dishing up we discovered that I had mistakenly used fish instead of chicken. Brandon assured me it would be fine, he thought it looked good and dished up a big serving. As soon as he tasted it he said, "Well Nicole where do you want to go out to eat. I will take you anywhere you want to go." We still laugh about it. I have also mistakenly used beef broth in chicken noodle soup before as well. That was actually a mistake that was edible luckily.

Shelly Reese Barlow asked:  "How do you know when a diaper is dirty (newborn) and then how do you know when the bum is clean?"

Well with my boys, they are loud poppers. So they have been so kind as to grunt and let every one around them know that they are filling their pants. I also have a really good sense of smell. So not much gets by me. I also have got really good at feeling a diaper and knowing if it is wet or dry.

As for wiping I usually have a 4 year old looking over my shoulder like a state road worker telling me where I missed. I will say I probably go through more wipes that a sited mom. I wipe in a pattern and wipe even when it may not need a wipe. So my kids more than likely have a cleaner bottom than most. Practice makes perfect and with little ones they always make sure you get plenty of practice.

Heidi Daniels Ence asked:  "What is a basic day like for you? How do you complete regular day activities without eyesight? What kinds of things do you need help with? Are you loving your new little cute baby? =)"

It is basically the same as most stay at home moms. I get up and get the kids ready for the day first. Make sure Peyton gets feed and then I do her hair. I take a lot of pride in doing new hair styles for her. I like to have fun with it but most days it is a fight to get her to cooperate and get off to the bus on time. After Peyton is off to school I make all the beds. Then I start on what ever chores I have planed out for the day. It may be cleaning, laundry or  whatever the day brings. I then get ready for the day. I do my own hair and makeup. That is one question I get a lot. If you watched when I was on the TV show the Doctors they spent some time showing how I do that. I am also feeding the baby and keeping Kai busy the whole time I am  doing all of that. So mornings are very busy for me.

Brandon almost always comes home for lunch. This is a nice little break. He will brig home lunch or make something and take the baby and Kai off my hands for about an hour. BEST HOUR OF THE DAY! I also try to get as much done around the house as I can when he is home. This is also when he will help me set out the ingredients I need to make dinner.

Afternoons are filled with naps for Kai, more chores, Peyton's piano practice, Peyton's homework, and a lot of playing with kids. I usually am doing this with baby Carter in my Arms. I think any stay at home mom can relate. The only difference for me is I do it blindfolded.  :)

There are some things I just cant do. Brandon is a full time limo service. He is always running me and the kids places. If there is a doctor appointment, dentist, practice, shopping trip, school function, ect. he is on call to take us. I know it is a lot for him to juggle but he never complains much about it. Think of all the times you run to the store to pick up something. I cant just run by myself to do those things. So Brandon is always the one to take me. That is the main thing I cant do on my own. I would love to be able to just go shopping on my own and have all the errands done so when Brandon gets off work we would have the whole night to ourselves. That is just not a possibility.

Trace Workman asked:  "How is it being married to such an awesome guy? I have always liked that guy!"

My favorit question of the night! Brandon is awesome! I am so glad he is my Eternal Companion. He treats me like a princess. I really couldn't do it with out him. He is so supportive and just loves me through it all. I cant tell you how much I  love him.

That is all the answers I have in me tonight... I know my little Carter will be up for a feeding soon. I will answer more tomorrow I promise! Keep the questions coming and I will do my best to get them all answered.