The Elf on the Shelf: Day 6

You may be wondering what in the world Kevin has in that Ziplock bag. Well this is a very good question. Peyton had a tooth pulled at the Dentist yesterday. She was so excited to put her tooth under her pillow and have the Tooth Fairy bring her some money. So Peyton put her tooth under the pillow and and went to bed. When she woke up we were all expecting to find that her tooth was gone and some spending cash was left in its place. What she found was a ransom note from Kevin our little Elf.


Here is the ransom note that Kevin left under Peyton's pillow last night when he took her tooth.  We are starting to wonder what kind of Elf Santa sent to our house.


We went on a search for Kevin and found him really quickly. He was hiding right over the oven where he could have a good view of the Cookie making that we will be doing when Peyton gets home from school.


What will this crazy Elf go next?