Chicken Pillows


This is so easy to make that I was telling Brandon I didn't want to put it on the blog. It takes no time at all to prepare. The kids eat this really well so we make it once a month or so. It takes about 30 min tops to fix this meal.

3 large chicken breasts

Package of Cream Cheese

Package of Crescent Rolls

Cut up the chicken and brown in a pan. Salt and pepper to your liking. Mix in the Cream Cheese. I dont usually use a whole package. As I am mixing I just get it to the consistency that I like and stop adding the Cream Cheese. Fill each crescent roll with the chicken and cream cheese filling and roll them up. Bake at 350 for 15 min until they are golden brown. I always serve it with sticky rice and a chicken based gravy. You can use cream of chicken soup to pour over it but I prefer Watkins Chicken Soup and Gravy Base.

Let me know if you try this one and how you like it. Enjoy!