Elf on the Shelf: Day 16, 2012

Elf Day 16 When Peyton went to get ready in the bathroom today she found a note.

Elf Day 16

Kevin had a little message for the Kids. He apparently could tell that the kids needed some bribery to get them to help mom out around the house.

Elf Day 16

It took all day long for the kids to finally find our Christmas Elf. Kai is not in his PJ's because he found him when he woke up. He is in his PJ's because he is on his way to bed.

Elf Day 16That little Elf really had the kids stumped today. It looks like he has a thing for island girls. The kids really worked hard to make sure they helped me today so I have to thank Kevin for that little note. They were really big helpers so I guess they will have a surprise waiting for them tomorrow.