Elf on the Shelf: Day 13, 2012

Elf Day 13 Kai spotted our Christmas Elf Kevin on the way up the stairs. He was hanging from the light in our entry.

Elf Day 13

We decided that he was hanging around in the entry to welcome my husbands Mom and Dad that came to visit. Our kids thought that he was so excited to see Grandma and Grandpa that he was waiting by the door. It is funny to hear the kids trying to analyze why our Elf hides where he hides and doses the things that we catch him doing.

Elf Day 13So on another funny note. We found this today. We always thought that it was three wise men that came to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. We found out to day that it was two wise men and Batman. Karson my brother in law said that Batman brought the gift of vengeance. We all got a good laugh out of this but we dont know if it was Kevin or one of the kids that set it up that way.