The Elf on the Shelf: Day 27


[gallery] We stayed in Salina last night at Brandon's Parents. We had a long trip from Salt Lake with the kids fighting and not minding us the whole way. We keept telling the kids that they should shape up with Kevin in the Van but nothing worked. Then we got to Grandma's and we could not get them to go to sleep. It took hours for them to calm down.

The kids woke up to find that they had been Tolet Papered in the night. I think the Elf was sending a message that they were not no good yesterday. He was trying to clean up how crapy they went to bed, and what a crappy job they did and minding mom and dad yesterday. Even our Elf knows how to send a good subliminal message. He even wrote a message for them on the Tolet Paper. "Only 2 more days so be good". Only 2 more days until our ELf will be going back to the North Pole. I dont know what we will do without him.