The Elf on the Shelf: Day 25 Road Trip


[gallery] So we have a big day today. I have an OB appointment in Salk Lake, and we decided to got see the lights at Temple Square. We are also going to try to fit in the Utah Jazz Game. The kids are really excited, but they were a little concerned about leaving our Christmas Elf Kevin behind. We stayed at Brandon's parents in Salina last night and when we woke up guess what we found? Kevin put himself in a Mason Jar with holes in the top, and left a note for the kids. He didnt want to be left behind. He got in the Jar so the kids can carry him to the Temple and the Jazz game. That way they wont touch him and cause him to lose his Christmas Magic. What a smart little Elf. The kids are so excited to take Kevin on a road trip. We will take lots of pictures and make sure we share them with you.