The Elf on the Shelf: Day 20


[gallery] Well this post is a little bit late today. Brandon was selected to serve on a Jury and has been tied up all day. Actually he has been tied up all week. So our update is late and a little rushed today. It has been a long week for Brandon and I, and we are so glad it is finally a weekend.

Kevin decided to take a ride on the wild side today. Peyton found him cruising in her Barbie's pink convertible. He also had Peyton's Tangled Doll along for the ride. From the looks of things he also stole some new duds from Peyton's surfer Ken doll. It is a little cold to be sporting surf shorts and driving with the top down but I guess that a the cold weather in Cedar is not so cold for an Elf that comes from the North Pole.