The Elf on the Shelf: Day 14

  Well today was a little bit different. Kevin actually did something nice. Well he did eat a few cupcakes from my baby shower but he also left a gift for the family.


When we went to bed we had four of the yummy Cupcakes from my shower left on a plate. When the kids got up we has two cupcakes completely gone, one with almost all the icing licked off, and one completely missing. It was not ling before we found the missing cupcake. Kevin had taken it.

He was hiding in the plant right above our Fridge. In his arms was the missing cupcake. What was different today is he left the family a gift.

As you can see he left us a Gingerbread House Kit. The kids were so excited. We made a Gingerbread house last Christmas for Family Home Evening and the kids have been asking to make one this year. So Kevin is not so bad. He must of remembered all the fun we had as a family last year with the Gingerbread House and he wanted us to do it again just like the kids. So FHE is all planed for this week. What will this Elf do next?