How to get Pee out of a Mattress Quick and Easy


20121028-055918.jpg You may ask why are you Blogging at 5 am? it is because we got a surprise wake up at 4 am. We have had sick kids this week. In an effort to get them better and not have them get dehydrated I have been force feeding them lots of liquids. So I was not that surprised that we were woke up in the night with a bed wetting emergency. I think it is very important to not get mad about this type of accident with your child. They already will feel terrible and may have been scared to come wake you up and tell you in the first place. So be kind and loving and never make them see how completely fuming mad you are to be cleaning up pee in the middle of the night. That is just my two cents.

So as I was getting sheets off the bed and getting our little one cleaned up, my tech geek husband was googling how to clean it up. He found a bunch of sites that all pointed to the same solution. If the bed is still wet you can use Baking Soda. Soda will not only absorb the moisture but also will eliminate the pee smell. The only problem for us was we had less than a half of a cup of Baking Soda left. So as I got our little one back to bed on the sofa my hubby made a middle of the night Baking Soda run. I am sure the check out lady at Walmart was thinking what are you doing buying boxes of Baking Soda in the middle of the night?

This is what you will need


We didn't think of using a sifter until the very end. If you don't use one you get a lot of clumps. It also helps you evenly spread out the Soda. You will also need a vacuum.

So here are the steps to get this little emergency cleaned up ASAP!

1. Wake up! (hardest part)

2. Strip off the bed down to the mattress. If you have a carper cleaner like a Bissell or Green Machine I would suck as much moisture out of the mattress as possible with it before you start.


3. Sprinkle wet spot with Baking Soda. The first application will take more Soda. It will absorb the moisture really quick.


4. Wait for about 20 min for the Baking Soda to absorb the moisture.

5. Vacuum up the Baking Soda. It will vacuum up really easy.


6. Repeat the process by sprinkling on more baking soda. Each time you repeat the process it will take less and less Baking Soda.


7. After the mattress is almost completely dry, put on one more layer of Baking Soda and Blog... Or I really ment to say go back to bed. Let that set on the mattress a few more hours.

You will need to give your vacuum a good cleaning, and will probably want a new vacuum bag as well. I am sure you don't want that fresh pee smell every time you vacuum your house.

It took us repeating the process three times to soak up most of the moisture. In fact as we set here blogging the last application of Baking Soda is still working its magic. Each application of Soda takes more time to absorb the moisture because each time there is less of it. You will need a lot less Baking Soda each time you repeat the process.

I will update this post and let you know if we see any stain on the mattress on notice any odor. I have a good nose so if I can't smell it I will have to say mission accomplished. Let me know if any of you have any tips and tricks in the comments below.

Peyton's Hair

20110830-083446.jpg Tried a new hair style with Peyton today for school. I love to try new things with her hair. Peyton is not the biggest fan of my hair creations because she has a hard time setting still that long. It is a fight most days but making her look cute is worth the fight.