My Special Walmart Birthday

I have to  tell you this story because it is one of the funniest Birthdays I have ever had. It was my 26th birthday. I was very pregnant at the time with my first baby. I actually had Peyton nine days later. I woke up and Brandon was rushing around to get to work and didn't even remember to tell me Happy Birthday. I thought it must have slipped his mind but I thought for sure he would remember by lunch.

I got all ready and put on my cutest maternity outfit and was trying to look my best because I was sure he would take me out to lunch on my birthday. He came home for lunch made a sandwich and rushed off to work again. By this time I had decided that he had truly forgot it was my birthday. My mom and sister even tried to call him and drop him a hint to help him remember but he never answered his phone.

Brandon came right home from work put on his pajamas and turned on the TV. When he changed his clothes I knew there was not hope for him. He was not going to remember my birthday. So I cooked some dinner and just sat down with him and watched TV.

Brandon's brother Karson called at 8:30 and asked to talk to me and instantly Brandon hung up the phone on him and said "Nicole its your Birthday!" He then said, "Lets go to Walmart and I will buy you anything you want!" This is by far one of our favorite inside jokes. So every birthday I am reminded that I can have anything I want at Walmart. To Brandon's credit he has never forgot another special day, but he will never live down that special Walmart birthday.