Getting A Little Facetime

So for years my husband has been teasing me that he was going to mount a wireless web cam on a hard hat so he can help me find things when he is gone to work. I am always calling him and asking him where the remote is, what input he left the TV on, where ingredients are in the cupboard, and the list goes on....  I think it completely drives him crazy. He always tries to help but it just makes us both frustrated. I am sure there is at least three time a day at least that I am calling to ask where something is. So Brandon decided he wanted to solve the problem.

The New Apple iPod Touch has some features that he thought would really offer us some solutions. It has a voice over feature that is in the iPod to help make it accessible for people with low vision, or people with no vision like me. It also has FaceTime. FaceTime originally let you video chat with other people with iPhones. The latest iPod just came out with a camra and the ability to do FaceTime right along with the iPhone. As soon as Brandon found out that they had a Beta app to let you chat from your Mac to the iPod and he decided we had to give it a shot.

So we got a iPod for me and now any time I need a set of eyes around the house I can just fire up Facetime and Brandon is the eyes I need. I can not express the added security this brings to me. To know I can have him be my eyes when I need to see where something is in the house. My blindness is so frustrating for both of us, but this gives us so many options. The other great thing is with the voice over I can use it for email and some of the other apps that are voiceover capable. Some times having a super tech geek as a husband really is cool. Thanks sweetie!