Grandma Howell's Spiced Tang

My Grandma Howell would always make this drink when I was at her house on a cold winter day. The other day I just decided I would hunt down the recipe because I was having one of those pregnancy cravings and wanted something warm to warm me up. This is such a easy recipe and it is so yummy. My mom said that my Grandma would sometimes call this Russian Tea. You can call it what ever you want but I will just call it Amazing!

This is all you need to make this Holiday Treat

2 Cups of Tang

1 3oz Sweetened Lemonade Mix

1 1/2 Cups of Sugar

Tsp of Cinimon

1/2 Tsp of Ground Cloves

Mix it all up and you will have enough mix to to keep you warm for a few weeks.

We have found we like to mix 2 Tablespoons to one cup of hot water. That gives you just enough spice to warm you up. Enjoy!

As always please let me know how you like it.