15,000 likes on Facebook Challenge to Save Peyton Park

I know that many of you have watched and shared the post about Three Wishes and Peyton Park. We have been completely overwhelmed with the love that we have felt from the posts and emails we have received. Over 1,200 people have visited blindmom.com this week. I had no idea that it would touch so many people. It has been a really great experience to hear your kind words, and words of encouragement.

When I was talking to the owners of Sunset Ridge they told me that it would take at least $15,000 to save the park by building a wall to keep the hill from sliding any further. I understand as a business owner is a hard cost to swallow. I told them I would be willing to raise the money and do what ever I could do to help. It was very apperent to me that they didnt want the help and had no intent on keeping the Park on the property.

I told two different people in the organization that I knew I cold find 15,000 people that would donate at least a dollor to save the park. Both scoffed and mocked the idea. This is where all of our Facebook friends and family come in. I want you to all share this challenge with all of your friends. I want to see how long it will take for 15,000 people to care. All I ask you to do is share the blindmom.com Facebook page with everyone you know and have them hear the story and show support by liking the page. I know that there are thousands of good people that have a heart. I want to see how fast we can find them.

Thank You so much! I will keep you all posted.