Our Annual Bryce Canyon Trip

This is a belated post. We took this trip back on the 20th of August, but just got all the pictures off of our camera. So I thought I would share them and tell you about our trip. For the past four years we have taken our family to Bryce Canyon each summer. It is a fun little tradition that we started and we want to do it every year. We were setting around the house on a Saturday four years ago and just decided we needed to get out of the house and do something fun. We went on a drive and ended up at Bryce Canyon National Park. We took a lot of pictures and just had a lot of fun. We also came across a Wildlife Museum with hundreds of exotic animals. Behind the Museum they have a huge pen full of Fallow Deer. They are little miniature deer that are found in Europe. They allow you to buy a bag of corn and hand feed the deer. Peyton loved it, and so did we. So we now find ourselves going back each year to feed the deer, hike and enjoy nature. I think Brandon and I look forward to it as much as our kids.

Peyton decided that she would be the one to lead me around and tell me all about the animals in the Museum. She is starting to be a big helper for me.

Kai just wanted to run around and he kept Brandon running back and forth the whole time.


Kai was not to sure about the deer. He kept thinking they were going to bite.

My job was to just handout corn. The kids had a blast and the corn went fast. The owner brought out some apples and cut them and let the kids feed them to the deer as well.


We heard about a hike that takes you to a waterfall so we decided to take the kids to play in the water. We also thought it would wear them out so they would sleep good on the way home.
We almost needed these two on a leash to keep them with us. They were having a lot of fun running up ahead and enjoying the trail.
Brandon likes to take pictures and is always looking to capture something you may never get a chance to see again.
The water was a little cold. Peyton lost a shoe and Brandon ended up having to run down the river and jump in and get it. We had a good laugh about that. He was sloshing around the rest of the hike. Next time we will bring extra shoes and socks just in case.
Kai was not wanting any part of crossing the water so I stayed back with him while Peyton and Brandon went over to the Waterfall.
Kai is all boy and he is always climbing and getting into trouble. He is just like Brandon.
Sunset Canyon is always our last stop. We have a Family Picture there every year.
We had a lot of fun hiking and enjoying each other. It is always fun to get out of the house and go take the kids on an adventure. We are hoping to take the kids to Zion later on in September, and we will be sure to post more about that trip as well.