Easy Chicken and Pasta

So this is a recipe I picked up when I was at Snow College. I call it easy chicken and pasta. It only has four ingredients, dirties one pan, and takes less than 20 min to prepare. My kids love it. I have also tried a few variations of it just by changing what type of Green Giant Steamer I use. Some of the Green Giant Steamers have pasta and some only have veggies and cheese. I prefere the one with pasta but my kids will love it with any of the steamers I have used.

This is what you will need....

3 Chicken Breasts (To save time I have used pre cooked grilled chicken strips. If you use them you can just throw the chicken in at the same time with the steamers.)

One Green Giant Steamer (I like the ones that have pasta)

1 Can Cream of Chicken

1 Can of Milk ( I use the Cream of Chicken can to measure the milk)

Pour a little vegetable oil or margarin in a skillet and  cook chicken.

After the Chicken is cooked add the package of Green Giant Steamers. Cook as the package indicates. It is usually about 15 min covered stirring occasionally.

When the Steamer is almost done cooking add the Cream of Chicken Soup and the can of Milk. This is as quick and easy as you will ever get, and I promise you will love it. Easy clean up as well because you only dirty one pan. As always let me know in the comments below if you try it. Enjoy!