Elf on the Shelf: Day 1, 2013

Well our mischievous Christmas Elf Kevin is back to help Santa spy on the kids. He decorated our Christmas tree while we were asleep. He must have decided he needed reinforcements this year. He didn't come alone! He brought a friend with him. He brought a girl Elf as well. My husband thinks that this can only mean double trouble. The kids were so excited to have Kevin back for the Holidays. Our little girl Peyton told me that it finally feels like Christmas. The kids have given our new Elf the name Snowflake. I cant remember that last time that the kids have been so excited. I am sure our house will be a lot more interesting now that the Elf is back. Brandon hid all the razors in the house just in case. I don't think he wants another Elf shave like he got last year. 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

We were invited to a Christmas Party tonight and everyone was asked to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater. How do you like the twiner Ugly turtle neck and sweater vests combo we found? The party was so much fun. There were a lot of our friends and neighbors there. It was pot luck and the food was amazing. We played a lot of fun Christmas themed games and just had a lot of laughs. Thanks for a great party. I like doing things like this because it gives me a chance to get to know other neighbors and couples.

The Elf on the Shelf: Day 7

Looks Like Kevin may be gone for the weekend. Peyton left some candy cane cookies out for Kevin to pay her Ransom. He gobbled up her cookies and put her tooth back under the pillow. So Peyton got her tooth back and the Tooth Fairy left her $2 under her pillow. The only thing is Peyton found a note with the cookie crumbs that makes us think we may not see Kevin for a few days.


We just dont know what to think. I am sure Santa will not be his Jolly old self when he hears our Elf ran off to Vegas with the Tooth Fairy. The kids think we should tell Santa so Kevin will come back. What do you think we should do?