Easy Thin Pancakes

This a very quick breakfast idea to get food on the table fast. My kids love these and ask for them every Saturday.



1/4 cup margarine (1/2 square) 1 cup flour 1 cup milk 3 Tablespoons sugar 3 eggs

Melt butter in your pan. While butter is belting mix all other ingredients.

When butter is melted pour it into batter.

Here is a trick, when the pancakes are ready to flip they will have little bubbles in the middle. (That little trick is not very helpful for a blind girl)

As you can see these pancakes are a lot like crapes. We use all kinds of toppings on them.

My kids love to have them with Cinnamon and Sugar. Peyton call them "Pixie Dust Pancakes".

When we top them with cinnamon and sugar the kids will roll them up and eat them.

You can also top them with fruit or jam and a little whip cream. I tried them with some Rasberries from out back yard. If you tries these let me know in the Comments below how your kids like them. Enjoy!